Our Cattery

Hygienic, comfortable and safe

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We have 19 suites to suit all feline personalities and needs.

–        17 suites are designed to accommodate families of up to 2 cats

–        2 suites are designed for families up to 4 cats


We built Lodley Cattery to the highest industry standards and hygiene is our top priority. We meet the higher standards defined by The Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) (England) Regulatons 2018 and have been awarded a 5 star licence.

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Each suite has a light, spacious exercise area with uninterrupted views across the open countryside. Every night, your cats can stroll into their cosy, insulated suites and into their ergonomically-designed beds that are lined with Vetbed Gold, as recommended by the veterinary profession.

Cat scratching posts and toys are all provided but you are welcome to bring any of your cat’s favourite toys to keep them company during their stay.


Your cat will be in safe hands with us. Access to the suites is only through a lockable door from reception which leads into a safety corridor. This door is kept secure at all times and is not accessible to the public.

Our guests can even experience a semi-outdoor experience from the safety of their suite. During inclement weather, we fit screens over the safety corridor so our guests can still enjoy the country views while keeping the fresh air circulating.